Legal advice for people who are vulnerable

“Any of us could become vulnerable at some point in our lifetime, perhaps temporarily, due to life events like bereavement, debt or illness. It’s often our circumstances that make us vulnerable.”
Michael Culver, Chair, The Association of Lifetime Lawyers.

We have all been vulnerable at one point or another in our lifetime.

The reasons can vary, and it can affect us for short or long periods of time.

We could be living with a disability, grieving a loved one, struggling with our physical or mental health, feeling lonely, or perhaps we might feel more vulnerable as we get older.

It’s often the times in life when we’re most vulnerable, that we need to seek legal advice.

That’s why The Association of Lifetime Lawyers was founded in 1996 to make sure that when people are vulnerable, they have access to a legal professional with the skills and experience to help.

Because when people don’t have access to specialist legal advice, the impact for them and their loved ones can be devastating.

Clive lost out on his inheritance thanks to a will that wasn’t fit for purpose. Read more about his story here.  

Our Accredited Lifetime Lawyers specialise in providing legal advice for people in vulnerable circumstances. They give expert, tailored support. They do this with extra care, empathy, and attention.

Each of our members is committed to finding the best outcome for you. Taking the time to listen to what you need and supporting you to make your own decisions. 

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