How can an LPA help ensure that my assets are protected for my family?

It’s common knowledge that having a will in place can help protect your assets for your family in the event of your death, but what happens if you lose capacity to make your own decisions before you die? A lot of people are understandably worried about who might act on their behalf if they cannot do so themselves because of a mental or physical disability. By making a LPA, you can discuss who might be most suitable for this role and understand what their responsibilities will include

A property and finance Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can give you peace of mind about who handles your cash savings, investments, and family home, allowing you to outline your preferences for how they are dealt with (including how any care is paid for) up until your death.

Knowing what to include in the preferences section of your LPA can be daunting, and often involves difficult conversations with your family. A specialist solicitor can work with you and your chosen attorneys to think through some of the possible scenarios that may arise, helping you to make the best decisions based on your personal circumstances.