February 2017
Solicitors Journal
SFE Director Richard McDermott discusses "Powers of Attorney the digital miracle"
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January 2017
The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland
Solicitors for the Elderly launches Scottish arm and Elspeth Paget comments.
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Scottish Legal News
New SFE Scottish group launches in Scotland, SFE member Elspeth Paget comments.
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December 2016

BBC Radio 4
SFE Director Karon Walton discusses on BBC Radio 4 LPAs on the show following the court verdict on the Paul Brigg's case.
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The Times
SFE Director Karon Walton talks about LPAs in general and what they should include, as well as highlighting SFE’s warning against the dangers of using online tools to set one up.
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West Bridgford Wire

SFE member Suzanne McAuley of Cleggs Solicitors discusses the caution that should be taken against the government’s online Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) tool after a recent report by SFE.
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Daily Express

SFE Director Karon Walton comments on importance of LPA's in the article on emergency cash boost to ease elderly care CRISIS and the cash injection that the social care system is set to receive tomorrow after it was reported that elderly parents are signing legal documents in an attempt to protect their children from losing out on inheritance due to costly care fees.
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November 2016

BBC Radio Gloucestershire
SFE member Phillipa Bruce-Kerr of Harrison Clark Rickerbys talks in detail about the risks involved with DIY applications.
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BBC Radio Kent
SFE member Gail Hall of Warners Solicitors discusses a range of topics linked to powers of attorney, including court of protection applications and advance decisions.
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BBC Radio 4 You and Yours
SFE Director Karon Walton was a guest where she discussed and explored SFE's study and some of the risks involved with DIY LPA kits.
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Silks FM
SFE Director Justine Clowes discusses the worrying warning about the Government’s online LPA tool. 
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Free Radio Coventry
SFE member Michelle Gavin of Band Hatton Button Solicitors discusses the issues and warning about the Government’s online tool for Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)
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SFE member Fiona Heald of Moore & Blatch Solicitors talks about protecting your finances from the threat of dementia.
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BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live
SFE Director Holly Chantler talks about using specialist solicitors and the dangers of DIY LPAs.
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BBC Radio Shropshire

SFE Member Margaret Rowe of FBC Manby Bowdler was a guest on BBC Radio Shropshire and mentioned SFE and the campaign.
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City AM
SFE CEO Lakshmi Turner  comments on Online lasting power of attorney numbers are on the up, here are five things you need to know.
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Berwins Solicitors
SFE member Julie Jewers comments about urgent warning on Government’s ‘risky’ online Legal Tool.
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Bath Magazine
SFE member Heledd Wyn  warns about Government’s online tool for Lasting Powers of Attorney.
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The Times Legal Brief
SFE CEO Lakshmi Turner comments on online power of attorney fraud risk.
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October 2016

This is Money
SFE director Stephanie Rose comments on "If my granddaughter is included in my mother's will, does that mean her new husband gets half of what she inherits?"
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September 2016

Solicitors Journal
SFE director Chris Keenan comments on the changing face of our courts.
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August 2016

Disability Review Magazine
SFE director Justine Clowes gives her top tips for anyone considering a Lasting Power of Attorney.
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Burnham-on-Seas News
SFE director David Sinclair completes ‘Tough Mudder’ extreme race in raising money for a brilliant cause Age UK Somerset – we’ve heard the race isn’t easy! 
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This is Money
SFE director Claire Davis comments on I want to sell my 95-year-old mum's house to help pay her care home fees - can I do this?
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June 2016

The Times
Coverage of Sir James Munby's keynote address at the SFE National Conference.
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Daily Mail
Coverage of Sir James Munby's keynote address at the SFE National Conference.
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Daily Telegraph
SFE Director Holly Chantler commented on can we take out an equity release mortgage to avoid paying care bills
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May 2016

BBC Radio London
SFE director David Sinclair commented on various situations around what happens when a will is not in place
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This is Money
SFE Director & Chair Justine Clowes commented on the importance of safeguarding your future by issuing a lasting power of attorney.
The article includes a case study provided by SFE member Gail Hall and commentary from SFE solicitor Patrick Purves, Bridge McFarland Solicitors.
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Daily Mail
Coverage on looking after your legacy.
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April 2016
Solicitors Journal
Coverage on the new appointments of new SFE Directors, Holy Chantler and Chris Keenan
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Surrey Mirror
Press coverage on the appointment of Holly Chantler, new SFE Director
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Lawyer Monthly
Coverage from the new appointment press release of the new SFE directors Chris Keenan and Holly Chantler on the Lawyer Monthly website click here to view

March 2016

E Privateclient
Press coverage on the appointment of Holly Chantler, new SFE Director.
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The Times
SFE Director Karon Walton commented around proposed reforms to the Court of Protection’s rule around costs on the article on elderly saved from family cash battles.

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Daily Telegraph

SFE member Stewart Stretton-Hill of Thomas Eggar and colleague Julian Chadwick shared their expert insight for the article about how the banks obstruct power of attorney.
SFE Director David Sinclair provided the case study for the article in the Daily Telegraph on  Tuesday 8th March 2016.
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Daily Mail
SFE Director Claire Davis was interviewed by the Daily Mail and the article appeared in the Daily Mail on Saturday 5th March and Mail online.
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November 2015

Channel 5 News
SFE Director Karon Walton appeared on Channel 5 news on Friday 27th November 2015, a dementia patient defrauded by her best friend.
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BBC Radio 4
Feature piece on the You and Yours programme on Wednesday 11th November. To listen back, please click here or to hear the full programme
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BBC Radio 5 Live
SFE Director Karon Walton appeared on Radio 5 Live on Sunday 1st November 2015, “Private hospitals and powers of attorney.” The two subjects are not linked and the LPA section starts about two thirds of the way through the programme.
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BBC Radio Leicester
Interview with SFE member Samantha Downs of Dodds Solicitors LLP on Monday 9th November. To listen back click here

Silk FM (Cheshire)
Interview with SFE chair Justine Clowes of SAS Daniels LLP on Wednesday 11th November. To listen back click here

Bridlington Free Press

Scottish Financial News

50 Connect

The Northern Echo

Solihull Observer

The Business Exchange

Business Biscuit

East Midlands Business News


The Herald
Coverage in Scotland’s national paper on 9th November. Please find coverage here

SFE National Press Release
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Shropshire Live
A great piece of PR for SFE and the OCCP Award from PCB Solicitors in Shropshire, where Pauline Davies, Susan Grazier and Nicola Pugh, have all passed the OCCP Award - congratulations!

October 2015
The Cornishman
A great piece of PR for SFE and the OCCP Award and congratulations to member Louise Southwell and her firm Coodes for getting such a good piece into the press and of course for gaining the OCCP Award:

February 2015
BBC Radio Shropshire - Liz Holdsworth celebrating 15 years as a Regional
Liz Holdsworth, SFE member and Consultant and Nicola Hawes, SFE member and Chartered Legal Executive at Wace Morgan Solicitors appeared on BBC Radio Shropshire on 12th February as they celebrated 15 years of the Shropshire regional group, where, Liz has been the Regional Co-ordinator.
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October 2014
BBC Radio Shropshire - planning for the future, coping with decisions whilst living with dementia and the legal maze in terms of long term care funding

Liz Holdsworth, SFE member and Consultant at Wace Morgan Solicitors appeared on BBC Radio Shropshire on 17th October, where she discussed planning for the future in view of the risk of dementia, coping with decisions whilst living with dementia and assistance with the legal maze in terms of long term care funding.
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June 2014
Trevor Lyttleton - Contact the Elderly
Coverage for Power of Contact

Trevor Lyttleton - Contact the Elderly
State of emergency release
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May 2014
Guardian - Dementia awarenessweek to raise understanding of NHS funding

SFE Director Stephanie Rose commented on this:
Here is a link to the Guardian article:
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February 2014
Telegraph - Families let down by banks over Power of Attorney on ISAs

SFE Director Claire Davis commented on this.
Here is a link to the Telegraph article:
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February 2014
Express - Scandal of pensioners’ care costs help kept back by red tape

SFE member and trustee of Action on Elder Abuse, Lawrence Tudin spoke eloquently at the SFE & AEA conference covering safeguarding issues for Solicitors. Lawrence's insightful piece about budget driven care funding for vulnerable adults was picked up by the Express.
Here is a link to the Express article:

Here is the full text of an article Lawrence wrote on this difficult subject:
Lawrence Tudin article

March 2012
BBCRadio 4's Money Box Live - Exit fees on leasehold retirement homes

Tish Hanifan, barrister and SFE director appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live on 12th February, to comment on exit fees charged on leasehold retirement homes by the freehold company. She appeared with Melissa Briggs, Co-Founder of Carlex, the Campaign Against Retirement Leasehold Exploitation. Listeners heard of the tale of Sheila Williams, whose mother died in 2010. She has paid more than £2,000 a year for her mother's empty and unsaleable flat and another £1,400 if she lets it out. These fees are in addition to the obligation to pay ground rent and service charge. The Office of Fair Trading launched an enquiry into charges levied on retirement home nearly two and half years ago, but has still come to no conclusions but they hope to provide an update sometime this spring.

Tish advised callers that leaseholders do need to pay the fees if they have agreed, as they would otherwise be in breach of the lease. She said people should make sure they get specialist legal advice and ask whether the conveyancer has experience of these types of lease. There is also the need for advice to cover lifestyle changes; what if the person needs to move into a care home or they die?
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December 2011
BBC Radio 4 Money Box Live

SFE member, Michael Stennett, of Stennett and Stennett solicitors, answered callers’ questions on the funding of long-term care on 21st December on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme. He did brilliantly and SFE are
grateful to him for giving up his afternoon to promote our organisation.
Callers asked questions about the level of funding, disregards of the home, paying for everyday essentials when local authority support care, deliberate deprivation of assets, continuing NHS health care funding.
You can hear the recording for the next month, following which a written transcript of the show will be available. A link to our web site is on the BBC web site.

December 2011
You've been scammed - will writers

SFE member, Helen Clarke wearing her Law Society hat, appeared on the daytime BBC One show, ‘You’ve been scammed’ talking about unregulated will writers. The show featured Terry and Pauline who wanted to get their affairs in order and decided to make a will. But they were then exploited by merciless conmen who persuaded them to hand over their cash and then did a runner.

If you want to listen to the show

November 2011
Cardiomyopathy Association Magazine Highlight SFE’s Work

SFE Member, Meinir Evans, has written an article for the cardiomyopathy association magazine, about SFE and how the law works for disabled people. The Cardiomyopathy Association is a charity that provides information and support to families affected by the heart muscle disease cardiomyopathy. Meinir had a heart transplant a couple of years ago, as she had the condition, and takes an active interest in the work of the charity.
The magazine goes out to all members and hospitals, and this edition includes details of SFE’s website.

November 2011
BBC Inside Out - Misrepresentation by Will Writers of Asset Protection Trusts

SFE Chief Executive, Caroline Bielanska appeared on the BBC’s Inside Out East Programme on Monday 24th October, which centred on misrepresentations made by a will writer about asset protection trusts.
David Whiteley investigated whether it is possible to avoid fees for care homes. He interviewed elderly people who they did not understand what they were signing up to, but agreed to pay more than £3000 for one scheme because they were told it could save them thousands of pounds in care fees. Caroline answered questions as to whether they were suitable for all people, whether they work and local authorities approach to such trusts.
To watch the show on i-player click:

October 2011
Crime and Investigation - Cases of Forged Wills

Member, Mary Butler of Clarions Solicitors did some commentary on the programme, ‘Crime and Investigation’ (Sky and Virgin Network channel), which covered a number of cases involving murder and/or forgery of the purpose of inheriting an estate.  If you want to listen to the cases, you can access them on the link below:

October 2011
BBC Your Money/BBC News Channel/BBC Website
Comments about Powers of Attorney and Banks
Member, Rebecca Haywood of Mayo Wynne Baxter solicitors has been interviewed for the BBC’s "Your Money" programme on Power of Attorneys. It has been shown on the BBC News Channel plus, the BBC website.   They are concerned about how poorly the banks understand powers of attorney and she was asked to comment about a client for whose mother she registered an EPA.
The client has had dreadful trouble getting the banks to appreciate that the mother, who has dementia cannot manage her own affairs and they need to deal with him instead.  

October 2011
Members comments in The Observer about Powers of Attorney

The Observer has called for the finance industry to clean up its dealings with people trying to exercise power of attorney on behalf of vulnerable relatives.
Their website has seen lots of comments including from member Joanna Addison who acts as attorney or deputy for a number of clients. She says: "I know exactly what I am doing but still find it extremely frustrating trying to deal with the banks who simply don't have a clue and couldn't care less. Lord only knows how much worse it must be for some of my clients who are not used to dealing with the problem."
Member, Sofia Tayton, an associate with Lodders Solicitors, agrees: "The problems I experience with banks and building societies are terrible. The banks do not seem to show any consistency, with each one requiring different ID and sight of different documents, and not having anyone in a branch that you can speak to about these issues."It is so frustrating to deal with these things over the telephone, when you can never speak to the same person twice and end up having to explain who you are and why you're calling over and over again. I'm a professional who knows the jargon. I can only imagine how horrible an experience it is for people who are trying to take care of a relative who is ill or dying."

October 2011

We have worked with the above and Age UK to answer questions on Powers of Attorney. On the matter of legal costs for making a LPA we said,
‘Legal fees vary around England and Wales, with large city firms costing more than regional firms. Research undertaken in 2008 highlighted that the majority of SFE members charge a fixed fee and those that don't will provide an estimate. Some charge a reduced fee, if the maker is also making their will at the same time. 
The creation of an LPA is an important decision; making the wrong choice of attorney or not considering the implications of how they are to act, can cost dearly, which is why many people take the benefit of legal advice that always covers what is in the maker’s best interest.
Advice is particularly important if you have assets over £325,000 (including the value of a home), business or farm assets, hold assets in joint names with another person, do not have close family, or are mentally or physically compromised’.

August 2011

David Sinclair, partner in Acorn Solicitors and SFE Director of External Communication, spoke on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire in July, following negative media coverage on will writers and explained why you should use a professionally regulated lawyer to write a will, and SFE’s members particular skills.Member, Susan Midha, Partner with Adams & Remers LLP was on BBC Radio Kent answering callers questions on will writing, following the publication of the Ombudsman’s report and managed to mention the specialist skills of SFE members.

August 2011
The One Show to highlight unregulated will writers

BBC One’s ‘The One Show’ is to cover rogue will writers. At the time of writing the newsletter, we believe it will be shown the week commencing 1st August. SFE members have been actively contributing to the show. Susan Lowe’s clients, of Lowe and Co have come forward to tell their experience of problems and Christopher Partington of Slater Heelis  told the programme that he would advise the public to seek out their local lawyer who is a member of SFE or STEP who are lawyers with demonstrated expertise in this area of the law.

August 2011
The One Show highlights problems with Continuing NHS Health Care

Member, Liz Dalgetty of Downs Law answered a problem for the One Show. A viewer's late father who had a stroke that left him with limited use of one hand and limited ability to open his eyes, no speech, no movement, incontinent with a peg feed.
Liz said, “The issue raised by the viewer is in relation to whether their late relative qualified for NHS Continuing Care. This matter is being looked at by the Primary Care Trust retrospectively. If a patient has a primary health need then their care is paid for by the NHS. The issue of care funding is very complex and extremely difficult for families to deal with at an emotional time. My advice would be to attend the meeting and state clearly to the appeal panel where the assessed needs are not agreed. This is sadly very common and families must be encouraged to challenge the decision makers. If the appeal is unsuccessful then the family should be given full details of the further appeal process and to pursue this to the Ombudsman if necessary.
There is help available from specialist solicitors. Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) have a website with useful info and the names and contact details of members nationwide who will be able to help. The Alzheimer’s Society and Age UK also have useful fact sheets on paying for care and in particular NHS Continuing Care.”

July 2011
Press release on perils of DIY probate
Sofia Tayton of Lodders solicitors has drafted a press release for members to use in their locality, warning of the dangers of probate DIYers. Thank you Sofia for your help. Members who are keen to become involved in writing press releases for SFE can contact David Sinclair, Director in charge of external communications on

June 2011
BBC Radio 4 Money Box on funding long term care

SFE CEO, Caroline Bielanska was joined by Philip Spiers from the charity, One Stop and Jean French, advice Manager
from Carers UK to answers callers questions during a live radio broadcast on the 18th May. Questions covered assessments; restrictions on eligibility criteria, asset protection trusts and NHS funded care. The BBC web site contains a link to the SFE web site. If you wish to hear the recording or read a transcript of the show click on the link.

June 2011
David Cooper: a case study of Financial Abuse

Member, Sheree Green of Anthony Collins LLP has written an excellent and considered article in the Journal of Adult Protection analysing the case of David Cooper, a man with learning difficulties who was befriended and then financial abused by a couple over a number of years. When David died from malnutrition, he had under £150 to his name. The couple who were imprisoned for conspiracy to steal, are also the executors and beneficiaries of his estate, have responsibility to arrange his funeral. His body remains unclaimed. The article is on the SFE website in the media section, which is available to the public to read. Well-done Sheree from all at SFE!

June 2011
Radio Merseyside

Member, Naomi Pinder of Jackson and Canter appeared on Radio Merseyside in May and gave a very good plug for SFE. Thank you Naomi for your efforts.

June 2011

SFE Ireland launches

May 2011

SFE member Sheree Green written case study on Financial Abuse
Case Study Financial abuse.pdf

May 2011

SFE CEO appearance on BBC Radio 4's Money Box Live programme

May 2011

SFE/AEA Press Release Law Commission recommendations bring adult protection into 21st Century
Law Commission recommendations bring adult protection into the 21st Century

Probate Update Issue 16

The Budget - What's in it for the Elderly Client?
The Budget - Whats in it for the Elderly Client.doc

Probate Update Issue 12
Living Wills: What are they?
Living Wills - What are they.doc

November 2010
SFE CEO article in Daily Telegraph

November 2010

SFE press release on lack of training at Banks
Press Release - lack of training at Banks - November 2010.doc

November 2010
SFE article on

November 2010
SFE CEO article in Law Society Gazette

September 2010
SFE CEO appearance on BBC Radio 4's Money Box Live programme on Power of Attorneys

August 2010

 SFE CEO appearance on BBC Radio 4 File on Four programme on Court of Protection costs, particularly when professional deputies are appointed.

August 2010

SFE CEO appearance on BBC Panorama Wills the Final Rip Off?

Panorama Press Release
Panorama and will writers Press Release.doc

July 2010

SFE CEO quoted in The Observer 'Financial planning for the worst'

July 2010
SFE CEO, Caroline Bielanska appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme answering listeners’ questions on long term care, in a live half hour session.  She was joined by Philip Spires CEO from the charity, ‘OneStop’ and Anna Passingham from Counsel and Care. They answered questions including NHS continuing health care, welfare benefits, state support, valuation of assets and making funds last. If you missed it and have a burning desire to hear it or read a transcript click on the link:

April 2010

In the last month Chair Caroline Bielanska has spoken to The Daily Mail who did an article on the National Framework for continuing NHS health care (and a further one is planned on the Court of Protection), and spoken to BBC Radio London for half an hour for a live phone in session answering questions on wills.

Fellow SFE director David Sinclair has spoken a TV production company who are looking into stories about crime against older people.