About SFE

SFE was founded in 1996 and set out to be a specialist group to help, support and make a difference to older people. It has now grown into an independent national organisation of over 1500 lawyers all committed to its founding principles. It is a not for profit organisation to meet the needs of its members so that they can provide specialist, good quality legal advice to older and vulnerable clients, their families and carers.

It works closely with the COP, the OPG, major charities as well as commercial institutions such as the banks and building societies. It seeks to influence decision making in this area at the highest level.

To show to the marketplace that our members really are the best in their field we are introducing two independently assessed and accredited awards:

-  Older Client Care in Practice

-  Older Client Law in Practice

The awards are accredited by SFJ Awards (see below for details)

From September 2016 onwards, SFE will only refer members of the public to its full accredited members.

These standards are over and above the legal training that all lawyers are obliged to do. In addition SFE, requires its members to have a number of years’ practical experience working with older and vulnerable clients before they can become full members.

In summary, SFE is a community of trusted advisers - regulated, educated and professionally qualified who also have additional skills to enable them to work with older and vulnerable clients.

About SFJ

SFJ Awards is a UK Regulated Awarding Organisation that specialises in providing qualifications and skills and knowledge assurance to the Justice and Community Safety Sectors, the Legal Sector and the Finance Sector.  Using its knowledge of these sectors, SFJ Awards is able to develop and accredit programmes that assures employers, customers and the public that those working in this sector have the appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding to perform their roles and function and that they can apply this in their workplace.  SFJ Awards has experience of developing accreditation schemes across its customer base from Level 2 (GCSE) to Level 7 (Masters equivalent) and ensuring that these schemes, whilst being robust and rigorous, do not create a significant burden on the individual or his/her organisation.

SFE is working with SFJ Awards to develop an accreditation process that will quality assure the skills, knowledge and understanding of its members.  SFE recognises that its members, as highly qualified and experienced legal professionals have received a significant level of legal education and training, however, it is important that this is combined with the wider skills and knowledge to ensure that elderly clients receive an appropriate service that fully meets their needs. The accreditation process will quality assure this. 

The new accreditation process will be based on distance learning and e-assessment which will enable SFE members to study and be assessed where it is convenient for them. The SFE award will be at level 6-7.