Code of Practice

Joining SFE

Thank you for your interest in joining SFE. A few points to note before you apply:

  • SFE membership is on an individual basis. A firm cannot be a member
  • We have strict entry criteria for membership please check that you are eligible to join us (click here for details)
  • There is a one off joining fee of £135. This is to cover set up costs including a lifetime user licence on our knowledgebase and the fee for undertaking the two SFE accredited awards.
  • Membership to SFE is currently £120 per annum. Our membership year runs from October – September. Renewals should be made in September of each year
  • All new members are required to complete our Older Client Care in Practice Award before they can be accepted as Associate members

Membership process

All new members will apply to join SFE at the associate member level and will pay a one off joining fee of £135. This will give them access to the Older Client Care in Practice (OCCP) Award. There will be full guidance notes on how to complete the Award. It contains the full syllabus and all the support material.

All new members must aim to complete this within 8 weeks of joining. Further details about the OCCP Award can be found here.

Once you have passed the Award, you will be able to join SFE as an associate member. The cost of this is £120 for the year pro-rata-ed. You will be invoiced for the appropriate membership fee and once payment has been received your membership will be activated.

Before you begin the registration process, please read the SFE Code of Practice (on the next page) as it is at the heart of everything we do and all members of SFE are required to comply with our Code of Practice.

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